Sixteen Goals in Sixteen Weeks: Afterthoughts

So… what’s done is done, right?


About halfway through this project I started sensing that I was actually involved a much larger process than I initially imagined, that what I thought was a little experiment to get me through the summer was just a teaser of things to come. Now, I realise that the changes I made to my life this summer, though commendable, are not the end-all-be-all.

On the contrary, this is just the beginning.

As it turns out, the main accomplishment with the Sixteen Goals project was not the goals themselves, but the fact that I incorporated into my life the habit of forming habits.  In short, I’ve taught myself how to change, and now that basic training is over, it’s time to move on to bigger and better changes.  Real change.

There won’t be any more web-based journals, at least not at the moment.  Although I enjoyed the catharsis of having everything “out there” where people could see it, the next step is more personal and private, and will remain that way for the foreseeable future.

Many thanks to everyone who commented, liked, retweeted, +1-ed, and e-mailed, both now and throughout this project.  Although I wasn’t able to respond personally to everyone, please know that your interest in my self-interest was both touching and pleasantly surprising.

I hope everyone has a great autumn.  This is truly a magical time of year.

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Day 1 / End of Week Sixteen / Final Roundup

So, here we go!

So hey, fourteen out of sixteen ain’t bad at all.
This isn’t over… I have some stuff I want to say tomorrow, little afterthoughts.
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Day 2

I can’t believe this project is nearly finished.

There’s not much more to say, really.  I’ll do the roundup tomorrow, and then we’re done.

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Day 3

This is crazy, I can’t believe there are only three days left!

I’m trying to do one last push with the reading.  I’m not going to finish all eight books, but at least I want to be on the seventh book by Wednesday.  I think that’s reasonable.

I went for a bike ride this morning, but it wasn’t anything amazing.  Just a ride around my neighbourhood.

Plan for right now: walk up to the fish and veg market and buy some food for the next couple of days.

After that, I have to do some student work, but first, I want to meditate for half an hour.

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Day 4

Sushi is so delicious.  I can’t get enough.

Gelato is also so delicious.  I can’t get enough of that, either.

I spent some time today planning my end-of-summer celebration, and it turns out I’ve got something quite elaborate going on.

Drum roll… I’m going to Austria!  Yes, really.  I’ve booked four nights in a bed-and-breakfast in Innsbruck.

It was sort of a spur-of-the-moment decision, but hey, life is short.  I got a great deal on the room and I’m going to take the train, so I don’t even have to dip into my savings to pay for the trip!

Today is a good day.

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Day 5

Today was so hot.  So, so hot.

Thus, I spent a lot of time sitting in front of the fan.  I made an attempt to do some yoga, but gave up soon after I started.

Now I’m getting ready to go out and get some gelato.  At least that’s one thing I can do.

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Day 6

Well, I finally did it – I went to the spa!  I had a wonderful hour-long massage by a very skilled woman who clearly knew what she was doing.

So if nothing else, I can cross that off the list.

I need to work more on my relaxation – I found myself tensing up a lot during the massage, and the masseuse said I had the most knotted shoulders she’d seen in years.  I’m guessing that wasn’t a compliment.

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